Jezri Mohideen – Financial Engineer and Leader in Business

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Jezri Mohideen – Financial Engineer and Leader in Business

Jezri MohideenQuantitative finance was in its early days, when Jezri Mohideen entered the specialized field known as financial engineering. Throughout his career, Jezri Mohideen has been a major player, working with some of the biggest names in trading and investing, proving himself as a significant asset manager and leader in this growing field.

With a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Process Systems Engineering, both from the Imperial College of London, Jezri Mohideen first appeared on the financial scene in 1997, developing quantitative analytics and RV models for the Global Arbitrage Group, a proprietary trading group of Goldman Sachs. Financial engineering was an exciting new area within the financial arena at this time, replacing many traditional methods with those combining mathematical tools, financial theory, engineering methods and computer programming.

Jezri Mohideen moved to Barclays Capital of London in 1998, where he was responsible for short-end interest rate risk. While there, he also traded his own proprietary trading book. After two years as a Trader in the Liquidity Portfolio Division, Jezri Mohideen ventured into the yen derivative market as the Head of Yen Swaps at Barclays Capital in Tokyo. There, he was instrumental in building a top-tier domestic franchise, helping Barclays to achieve global status as the place to go for hedge funds and domestic large-scale banking.

After his tenure with Barclays, Jezri Mohideen joined RBS in Tokyo, where he set up their flow trading platform. Under his leadership, RBS built a strong JGB franchise, taking the business from £20m to £150m and establishing it as one of the top three foreign houses in Tokyo in 2008.

In 2009, Jezri Mohideen returned to London, where he became Global Head of Inflation Trading. As the main risk taker in the GBP inflation business, Jezri Mohideen led RBS to be awarded with the “Inflation Derivatives House of the Year,” by Risk magazine, on numerous occasions. By 2010, Jezri Mohideen was the Global Head of EMEA and APACA Delta Trading for RBS, responsible for growing and managing the £1.5-2bn revenue of their global rates and inflation business.

Jezri Mohideen is part of a substantial network of the world’s leading asset managers and hedge fund principles. In his current capacity as a Senior Advisor for Banner Asset Management, an Australian firm that is part of the Banner Group of Companies, Jezri Mohideen focuses on global investors. More information can be found on the Jezri Mohideen online article.


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